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Texas Imperial Software started in 1993, when Alun Jones was looking for two things - an FTP server, to make life easier when transferring files to and from the Sun workstation at work; and an excuse to learn the new Winsock API that allowed Windows users for the first time to develop network applications without targeting them to a specific network stack.

Uttering the phrase "how hard can it be?", Alun spent some time finding out just how hard it could be to write a functioning FTP server that supported most users' requirements. WFTPD was released in October 1993 as the first stand-alone FTP server for Windows. Since then it has gained in functionality and security, and now provides features such as standard-compliant SSL and EFS encryption that are still ahead of its competitors.

In May of 1996, Alun quit his full-time job to take care of WFTPD's users - and his new baby - and has been working since then to support and improve WFTPD and WFTPD Pro.

Alun is assisted in this work by his wife, Deborah, who uses her background as a Microsoft and Tivoli trainer to provide a solid IT department for Texas Imperial Software, and to ensure that the development work on WFTPD produces a strong, secure and above all usable FTP server for businesses from small sites to large multi-site enterprises.

Alun has been working full time at other pursuits since 2004, and is currently an Application Security guy at another company. None of the contents of this site should be construed to be related to that other work, or to any previous employer.