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Here at Texas Imperial Software, we like to create and distribute software. Some of it is more of intellectual curiosity to us, and so we distribute that for free download; other programs are more designed to provide value to our users, and these we offer as free trials for short periods and with limited features. Once you have decided to use our software, please visit the "BUY NOW!" link to purchase the software. We will send you the unfettered and unlimited version of the software you have purchased, and we will keep you informed as to new versions when they are released, to upgrade features or to fix issues as they are reported.

Commercial Products

These products are available for purchase or download right now - click on the title for a datasheet on the product; click on the "Download" link Download this file to fetch a trial version of this software. To purchase the software, click the "BUY NOW!" button here or to the left.

Download this fileWFTPD Windows FTP Server - Windows FTP Daemon
WFTPD was the first product developed under the Texas Imperial Software banner, and was initially released in October 1993. As the first standalone FTP server for Windows, its competition of the time were all bound either to the operating system itself, or to various vendors' network stacks (this was a time when there were multiple network stacks from different vendors). Since its first release, the overriding goal for WFTPD was to be compatible, usable, modern and fast. As WFTPD Pro Server arrived on the scene, WFTPD has settled into providing entry-level FTP server capabilities at a price point that is very reasonable for even the smallest operation.
Download this fileWFTPD Pro Windows FTP Server - 'Professional' FTP server for Windows
As the name implies, WFTPD Pro Server was derived from the code for WFTPD - and to this day, they both share a common underlying FTP and networking engine. WFTPD Pro Server, however, was designed to address the needs of people who are running more than a small FTP site.
Download this file2ndAuth - Secondary Authentication Audit tool
In many IT departments, there are rules and policies preventing the creation or use of "shared accounts". As with all such policies and rules, there are times when the rule has to be swept aside in order to adopt a technology or to actually operate the business. In those cases, it can be difficult to determine who actually used the shared account when - whether this is to determine who engaged in malicious or unauthorised behaviour, or simply to discover who should be consulted for information about a change they implemented. This is a gap in audit capabilities that we have seen at many corporations and organisations, and we have devised a clever and unobtrusive solution to the problem of auditing access to shared accounts - particularly important when auditing access to shared system accounts, and service accounts.

Coming Soon

We're still working on these, and when they are released, they will be listed in the Commercial Products list above. If you would like to express interest in a sneak peek, please drop a line to betatest@wftpd.com and let us know which tool you'd like to take an early look at.

EFSExt - Encrypting File System Extensions
Using encryption is hard enough, but it seems that many of the more useful capabilities of EFS, the file encryption system built in to Windows, are available only to developers who can understand how to manipulate the arcane programming interface necessary to fully control EFS. EFSExt is a command-line tool designed to make it easy for you to work safely and securely with EFS-encrypted files. Perhaps the most useful capability is that of copying an encrypted file across the network, or onto removable media, without decrypting it.