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Here at Texas Imperial Software, we like to create and distribute software. Some of it is more of intellectual curiosity to us, and so we distribute that for free download.

Windows Software

These products are available for purchase or download right now - click on the title for a datasheet on the product; click on the "Download" link Download this file to fetch a trial version of this software.

Download this fileWFTPD Windows FTP Server - Windows FTP Daemon
WFTPD was the first product developed under the Texas Imperial Software banner, and was initially released in October 1993. As the first standalone FTP server for Windows, its competition of the time were all bound either to the operating system itself, or to various vendors' network stacks (this was a time when there were multiple network stacks from different vendors). Since its first release, the overriding goal for WFTPD was to be compatible, usable, modern and fast. WFTPD has settled into providing entry-level FTP server capabilities.

Windows Phone Software

We have recently been engaged in writing Windows Phone software, which you can find out a little more about here on our Windows Phone page.